Growth Strategies

Incorporating a comprehensive strategic approach to ensure a competitive presence within today’s market.

Corporate Strategic Planning
Technological advancements, globalization, regulations, budget constraints, and competitive pressures create an environment in which identifying the right strategy and course of action is imperative. Where to invest time and resources requires adopting strategic models with speed and precision. The Insignia approach coalesces real world understanding of our clients’ markets, competitive intelligence, independent assessment of clients’ capabilities and gaps, and global opportunities and threats to create an effective and executable strategy.

Business Development & Capture Management
Budget pressures, competitive sophistication, and decreasing number of viable opportunities now, more than ever, require companies to implement agile and compelling business development and capture management strategies. In today’s environment, losing a strategic opportunity can be the difference in developing the platform that will be utilized for decades to come, or being boxed out of the market.

Price to Win Analysis
End user price-to-value expectations, competition complexity, and the market’s desire for increased shareholder value, make implementation of the correct price-to-win strategy not only the difference between winning and losing, but also the difference between profitable execution and operational adversity.

Proposal Writing
Today’s market is plagued with delays, budget cuts, reduced opportunities and intensified competition. Companies can no longer retain a bench of seasoned and experienced technical writers. In order to win in the competitive market, proposals must be both compliant and compelling. Insignia’s experienced technical writers collaborate with our clients’ subject matter experts to craft a compliant and compelling proposal.

Competitive Intelligence
Understanding the competitive landscape is a corporate imperative for successful and sustainable growth. With the speed of today’s technological advancements, mergers, divestitures, spin-offs, strategic partnering, and emerging threats, executives require comprehensive competition analysis to make accurate business decisions.

Trusted Advisors
Insignia leverages the real world knowledge and experience of flag officers, senior executive service (SES), corporate executives, and field grade officers to provide insight and understanding of customer requirements and desired outcomes.  Trusted advisors maintain decades-long global relationships fostered in the crucible of service to our Nation.  Their knowledge provides unparalleled insight to create differentiation and superior value for Insignia clients.

Acquisition and Divestitures

Dedication to a comprehensive understanding on current and prospective business ventures requires due diligence and deductive reasoning.

Opportunity Identification
Acquisition strategies are being employed by thriving businesses as an integral part of their overall corporate strategy. The right acquisition strategy increases and strengthens core capabilities, opens new markets, fosters new customer relationships, and provides a competitive advantage. With the speed of technology and globalization, organic growth strategies have their limitations. Identifying accurate acquisition targets ensures valuable time and resources are not squandered.

Due Diligence
Comprehensive and meticulous due diligence is imperative to understanding the value created by the right acquisition or destroyed by the wrong one. Due diligence entails creating a complete understanding of the financial, contractual, operational, capability, customer and market impressions, personnel, and culture of an acquisition target for executives to make truly informed decisions.

All businesses from time to time will find themselves with business units or programs that are no longer suitable with their overall corporate strategic plan. Divestitures provide an alternative to extract value from these entities and deploy the capital and resources that better align with the corporate objectives.

Acquisition and divesture modeling provides insight into value creation, synergies, and price variations to ensure acquisition targets are not overvalued and divestitures extract maximum value. Creating alternative strategic modeling provides companies with creative purchasing alternatives that maximize value and cashflow while minimizing risk.

Strategic negotiation is intrinsic to creating superior value. Skilled negotiations consider all aspects of cost, valuation, risks, and trade-offs. Leveraging strengths while mitigating weaknesses through artful negotiation practices, provides a greater result and stronger basis for an acquisition, successful integration, contract execution, or divestiture.

A successful Integration is imperative to recognizing expected value from an acquisition. A successful integration identifies risks and creates strategies to mitigate the risks associated with financial impacts, contractual obligations, conflicting systems, different processes, polices and procedures, personnel, organizational structure, and culture. Experienced integration teams are more cost effective and provide companies with experienced integrators to manage the integration process while allowing operations to focus on their key priorities.

Change Management

Understanding opportune times for management change by creating proactive strategies to maintain competitive advantages.

Transformation is essential in today’s market due to budget constraints, heightened competitive pressures, globalization, changing global threats, and rapid technology advancements. Companies that have a proactive transformation strategy ensure they create and maintain competitive advantages.

Organizational Structure
Changing customer priorities, requirements and purchasing strategies necessitate companies to consistently evaluate their organizational structures. Many times, companies find themselves reevaluating their structure after suffering monumental losses. Companies that embrace proactive organizational revaluations find themselves better aligned to their customers’ requirements and the market.

Whether through acquisitions, divestitures, organic growth, or corporate atrophy, forward thinking companies consistently appraise their structures for synergies to ensure they have the most efficient organization. Synergies can be obtained through a multitude of evaluation factors such as organizational structure, processes, procedures, talent, financial and contractual modifications.

Exemplary talent is the life blood of any successful operation. Effective companies consistently evaluate their executives to ensure exceptional talent are consistently recognized and challenged. Identifying new talent whether organically or through external measures, it is imperative that a company place an individual in a position they can be successful at from all aspects such as leadership traits, management style, technical expertise, and alignment with corporate culture.

Often corporate executives are faced with difficult decisions based on market conditions, competition, recent wins or losses. The key to successful companies is basing these decisions on sustainability of the company and growth. Often companies make rash decisions to cut costs to meet shareholder or stakeholder expectations and often make the cuts in the wrong areas. These decisions exacerbate the problems and they often find themselves in a downward spiral making deeper and deeper cuts which jeopardize operational performance. Employing an independent analysis of alternatives to meet cost objectives ensures the best decisions are made with an unbiased view and will ensure a sustainable growth outcome.

Increased competition, customer regulations, small business utilization requirements, and pricing pressures necessitate businesses to become more efficient. Forward thinking companies employ independent evaluations of their operations to ensure they are considering all available alternatives to creating and sustaining the most cost effective and operationally sound structure.

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